The Corona virus is disturbing our everyday life, a lot is changing, many of us arein fear and uncertain. But in such trying times it is even more important to practicemutual aid and to show practical solidarity. That’s why different groups from Chemnitz met to open up a way to go shoping for people affected by the virus in different ways.That’s why we created a website, on which you can notify us if you should need ourhelp. You can also reach us by telephone, where you can leave your order everyday from 12:00-14:00.In order to get all necessary information you find a questionnaire on our website.We will also publish on our website in which districts of Chemnitz we will be able to shop.Additional to calling, you can also order over a contact form or via mail.If there are any open questions, feel free to call us or write us mail.Should we be able to offer any additional help, we will update our webite accordingly.Please tell other people that are part of a risk group or that are in quarantineabout our offer. We will also do hangouts to raise awareness about our project.

We also try to pay very high attention to hygiene. Our goal is to proctect risk groupsand to support people in quarantine. To achieve this goal, we gathered some importantrules of protection against infections.If we care for people in quarantine and risk groups at the same time, there is the greatdanger of transmiting the virus from the quarantine group to the high risk group.To prevent that from happening, we work in two groups. One is going to shop for the peolpe in quarantine, the other for peolpe in risk groups. We also have to abstain fromany personal contact with the people we supply. Thats why all purchases are left at the doorstep.Preferably you pay via PayPal. If you are part of a risk group, you can also leave cash infront of your door, but unfortunately thats not possible for quarantine people.Therefore, the peolpe who go shopping will pay attention to any symptoms of the virus on themselvesand stop working if there are any.
In the end, this kind of situation is also entirely new for us as well. We will likelymake mistakes und won´t answer all requests perfectly, but we will allways try our best.Please take that into account. If you have any, we would be glad about your feedback via mail.

Your friends form Bündnis Chemnitz Nazifrei, from Fridays for Future Chemnitz, from Lesecafé ODRADEK,form Rojava Solikomitee and from KMStream



Phone number: +49 15736066566 | E-Mail: lieferservice@kmstream.de